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Our job is to make it easy to set up your infrastructure. StoreCat can help you establish your brand and connect with all of your systems.

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When your web store isn't up to date, you’re losing money.

StoreCat integrates with your e-commerce platform (like Shopify) and updates your site automatically, so you can focus on helping customers and growing your business.

Keep customers happy and your wallet full.

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Your employees have more important things to do than manual data entry.

Modernize without Reinventing

StoreCat bridges your sales team and supply chain, and gives you the room you need to store all of your information in one place. Keep your product catalogue organized and up-to-date. With automatic updates, your team can always sell at the best price.

Connect StoreCat to your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, like FinancialForce, and StoreCat will sync all product information across your platforms.

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Say goodbye to endless price sheets

StoreCat automates your process by connecting to your suppliers and automatically pulling new item information whenever it's available, including pricing, new items, and product details.

If there’s something else you need, StoreCat will be sure to grab that too.

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From E-Commerce to Supply Chain, we've got you covered. Use StoreCat to bridge your systems.
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Big Commerce Web Store

FinancialForce ERP

FishBowl ERP

Laravel Web Store

NetSuite ERP

Shopify Web Store Automation

If you can't see find your system, contact us and we can build a new integration, just for you!

Make it easy— let the computers do the heavy lifting.

PowerUps make it easy to track competitor pricing and analyze your workflow with a customized solution, just for you.

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How much would you save by eliminating writeoff orders?

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Get on top of your operations without an IT team. We’ll support you every step of the way.

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