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Make it easy. Let the computers do the heavy lifting.

PowerUps make it easy to track competitor pricing and analyze your workflow with a customized solution. Our system is easily adapted, so if we don’t yet have something you need, our support team will assist you with custom code.

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Easily Compare Suppliers

Once you're syncing supplier items, Market360 will help you easily compare them, and find substitutions.

Stay on Top of Your Market

You can price check your products against competitors, and configure automatic price matching to ensure you're never undersold.

Automatic Price Match™

Automatically update your product information (including price) when a competitor changes the price on their website.
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When your web store isn't up to date, you lose money with writeoff orders and potential customers to the competition.

Automatic Product Generation

When a supplier adds new items to their website, you can automatically generate products from their updated inventory.
Set your margins ahead of time and then only one click to import to your webstore. StoreCat does all the math for you.

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Purchasing Comparison

Using a default supplier leaves money on the table when you could be buying cheaper elsewhere. Purchasing Comparison shows you each supplier's price and whether it's in stock.
Get the best value on products to keep your customers happy and your wallet full.

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Where do your products come from?

It's not easy to ensure proper sourcing, StoreCat is here to help.
We make it simple to keep track of your suppliers, and verify environmentally and socially sustainable certifications.

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Easy Onboarding

Our unique tools can help you quickly take your product catalogue online, and start taking advantage of your e-commerce potential.

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Stop duplicating efforts.

Manage all your product information in one place. Connect all your systems and your suppliers, and automate your updates.

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What could you accomplish if you always knew your competitions' pricing?

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Get on top of your operations without an IT team. We’ll support you every step of the way.

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