Supply operations shouldn't be so hard.

Swamped with spreadsheets? Disgusted with data entry? StoreCat has the tools you need.

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Not your Grandma's product management system.

StoreCat makes it easy to manage your supply operation with just a few clicks a day.

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Build a solution specific to your needs and skip the rest. StoreCat's modular nature makes your system unique to you.

Import your

Keep all your products and images in one place. Simple import tools make getting started a snap, so you can focus on selling.

Integrate your Systems

Easily connect your web store, ERP, suppliers' catalogs, and other tools to manage your entire market from a central command post.

and Sell More

With products and pricing that update automatically, your team can focus on keeping customers happy, and selling more.

As more people move to online shopping, learn how to take advantage of E-Commerce and stay competitive in 2020.

Your business is unique, your systems should be too.

StoreCat is modular— get everything you need without overpaying.

Easily Compare Suppliers

Market360 makes it simple for your purchasing team find the best price.

Stay on Top

Understand your market and track availability so your sales team is never caught off guard.

Get SmartPrice™

Automatically update your price when a competitor changes their website.
Build your Solution

“StoreCat helped us automatically import new pricing data for over 100,000 products, and instantly update Salesforce and our website.”

Dan Micic, CEO

Stop duplicating efforts.

Manage all your product information in one place. Connect all your systems and your suppliers, and automate your updates.

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Get on top of your operations without an IT team. We’ll support you every step of the way.

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